Why Kyoto attracts so many tourists?

①Beautiful scenery.

Many historical buildings and gardens will attract You!
Such as Gorgeous pavilions, Buddhist statues, Dry-landscape garden, Nature and so on.
Especially, I’d like you to feel Japanese beauty sense WabiSabi and history of each heritages.
Kyoto is definitely a best place to feel and learn about Japan!

②Shops in traditional atmosphere.

Kyoto had been a capital of Japan for 1000 years.
Many kinds of Japanese original souvenir will attract you.
You can get both reasonable and authentic products.

③Cultural activities.

Tea ceremony, Ninja training, Samurai show, meditation in temple, making pottery ..and so on.
Why don’t you enjoy Japanese with your senses?
English-speaking instructors will tell you how to enjoy!

④People are friendly!

Many tourists come from all over the world everyday.So We are familiar with international tourists.
Many of Japanese can’t speak English fluently. But Most Japanese want to help you.
Please speak slowly with simple words, when you ask something to Japanese.

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